Friday, January 13, 2012

Homework 6: The practice analysis task on conventions

Adapt your written response to create a Level 6 version that could be achieved in 20 minutes in the exam. Present it handwritten, but in any suitable format - you can choose your method of presentation.

Deadline: Weds 14th March. Please have your work written, named and ready to hand in at the START of the lesson.

Lesson 11

11F: Complete the viewing of Allegory of Love - 1 hour
11B: Complete the viewing (20 mins) and finish the narrative devices task from the previous week

Homework 5

11F Complete the narrative devices analysis chart by answering the question at the bottom (full sentences, handwritten, include a range of points)

Deadline: Weds 29th Feb by start of lesson

11B Complete the Todorov/Propp chart for a drama/episode of your choice, handwritten in note-form but legible and thorough

Deadline: Weds 29th Feb by start of lesson

Lesson 10: application of narrative and character theory

If you start the clip, then click the youtube icon (bottom right), it will take you to the full playlist for the Lewis: 'Allegory of Love' episode. Use the chart to analyse the episode through narrative and character

Lesson 9: narrative devices

Homework 4

Finish the work set for Lesson 8; to complete the detective character analysis notes.

Deadline: Mon 20th Feb start of the lesson

Lesson 8 (cover lesson) detective character chart

Complete the detectives chart, choosing four and adding two more of your own choice.